ECHO Chemical cultivates and develops a variety of chemical brands We obtained patents on the research and development. The ultimate goal of chemical Development Division is to establish our own-brand in global markets. We represent more than 120 suppliers worldwide, and sell over 1,000,000 products.

Business items: high purity solvent, general chemical reagents, fluorides,silicons, and high molecular weight monomers, reference standards, inorganic chemicals, special cleaning solvents, and LCD raw materials and the soft electric material, and photo resists and optoelectronic chemicals, high purity specialties, organic synthesis and pharmaceuticals, and analytical products, and isotopes, and nano products, and laboratory equipment, and plasticized glass consumables, and research development patent of Nano-grains materials and its manufacturing methods (Taiwan, China), Inhibition of algae of composites and its purpose (Taiwan, China, United States).

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